Pole Dancing Pregnant & Pole Body after Baby

Sarah Murray, owner of Impulse Studios Pole Dance, announced her pregnancy officially with this video in 2013 to friends, students, and family.

Would you believe me if I said, I felt sexier while pregnant and pole dancing than after giving birth and going back to pole dancing? Pole dancing pregnant I felt like some sort of super hero, like it was me and my baby against the world on the pole! I altered moves, rediscovered bare-footing it, made new shapes, danced smoother, slower, and enjoyed my time in the studio more than ever. Even on a rough preggo day, being around all the positive feminine vibes in class was like an immediate boost of confidence.

Fast forward to meeting my real life pole spawn, I was unable to take any classes for at least 5 weeks, and although I was elated to have him in my arms I was also exhausted, strung out, nervous, fearful, lonely and sad. My hormones were in a whirlwind not to mention my body after baby was in short, a huge shock to see in the mirror. I did gain more weight than planned during pregnancy, but I did the best I could and had delivered a healthy baby knowing in the back of my mind, I would have my work cut out for me getting back on the pole. Pole dancing gave me extreme confidence in my self pre-baby, now the true test, getting that confidence back when I did not recognize the body in the mirror looking back at me.

The first chance I got to get out of the house and into the studio I JUMPED at the opportunity. I squeezed into my booty shorts and got the girls (much larger now, thanks to breastfeeding) into a sports bra. I managed to get my heels on, but my ankles were still to big/swollen to buckle the straps so I let them hang. After a short dance session that winded me quickly, I attempted a simple trick. Attempted is the key word, hello wake up call. I was both humbled and sad, standing by the pole post baby sagging belly and stilettos unbuckled.

After that first pole play date with myself (insert that’s what she said), I decided I would start teaching pole dance classes again with beginners, give myself all the time I needed to get stronger inside and out while adjusting to my new role as mommy, in this new body. The fireman spin and all the simple fun moves that are mind blowing when newbies get them for the first time make beginner pole dance classes some of the most special. I met new clients and made new bonds, I got the same boost of positive feminine vibes I had been missing while I was away taking care of baby.

I gave myself leeway, and started to realize that inside I had not lost the sexy pole dancer I felt like I still was even pregnant. I learned a lesson I preached about in classes before but never experienced first hand. Sexy is not a size or shape, it is a feeling, a sense of confidence that comes from inside. With that I started to accept and love my body after baby. Every day, I get stronger. Not just on the pole, but as a new mother. There are set backs, new struggles and always a challenge in both roles but I wouldn’t have it any other way.