What will I learn in class? Every class will consist of a proper warm up and cool down, along with dance transitions, pole spins, pole conditioning and choreography. Don’t be intimidated! You do not need to have any fitness or dance experience to start our program. We pride ourselves on our teaching skills, you will be amazed how quickly you can learn with the right guidance and support.

What do I wear? Comfortable work out wear (yoga pants you can roll up or shorts, t- shirt or tank) and bare feet for beginners. Students may choose to wear heels specifically for pole dancing as they continue in our program. They help protect the balls of your feet and make pivoting and landing spins easier. We have a small retail section in our studios with shorts and shoes, feel free to shop!

Who takes your classes? Contrary to popular belief, our classes consist of regular women who are looking for a new workout. Most of them become hooked after their first lesson and learn that staying in shape can be fun and sexy! We have taught women as young as 18 and as mature as 60+, all different body shapes and sizes can enjoy our classes and benefit! The weight limit on our poles is 350lbs.

What are your prices? We have a slammin’ New Client Special we recc you take advantage of, it’s 3 drop in classes for $40 exp 14 days. This is a great way to try a few classes before joining a session or membership option. Purchase your deal for the Brandon location HERE! Any class that is “open to new clients” on our schedule is suitable to use with this special. Must be a new client to purchase.

Do’s and Dont’s: Do not apply lotion or oils to your skin before class, it will make you slip! Do bring water and a yoga mat we may use for floorwork. We will ask you remove any rings, watches and bracelets before class, the pole can deliver and suffer damage from jewelry. If it is your first time to one of our classes, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a standard waiver and get settled. Our instructor opens the door for classes no earlier than 15 minutes beforehand but our waiting area is always open if needed.

What if I have taken classes before at another studio? We encourage students to take a class or session with us to acclimate to our format, verbiage, etc. even with prior pole experience before taking other classes. Please email us to discuss your current pole level if you are trying to take higher than beginner level classes impulsepoledance@gmail.com Safety is our number one concern and we want to be sure our students are strong enough for the level they are taking to avoid inevitable injury and frustration.

A fun throwback photo in our old 4th St. location in St Pete, FL This attire is suitable for a first pole dance class, as long as the leggings can be rolled up and heels are always optional. Come as you are, we will help you be brave!

Pole Poses at Bachelorette Party