Classes & New Clients

Click to see our live SCHEDULE ALL classes require pre-registration online to ensure each student has a spot in class. No walk ins please. There is NO Dance or Fitness Pre-req. to start classes! Our poles also have no weight limit as they are permanent, not tension mounted, for best safety.

Our next 4 Week Beginner Course, which we encourage all New Clients to take part in, start at the beginning of every month. These classes are a smaller class size with the same students and instructor. This is a great way to build your foundation in pole dance and fitness as a new client before joining a Membership. See the 4 Week Session options HERE

We look forward to meeting you and helping you Escape, Embrace and Empower with us at Impulse Pole Dance.

Client Testimonial:

My very first introduction to pole was a 4-week beginner series that I had signed up for sight unseen. I think this commitment was one of the best things I could’ve done for myself as a beginner; it gave me the push to show up and keep coming. I knew if I gave myself the chance to think (overthink), I might talk myself out of it. During my first class, I remember feeling very conscious about my spandex shorts and tank top – I somehow felt like it was too revealing and too modest at the same time. I remember standing next to the pole before the class began, feeling too intimidated to touch or even look at it. It’s almost funny looking back now, but at the time I subconsciously felt that pole was something that wasn’t allowed for me personally. In my male-dominated industry, I worked hard to be successful, and eventually that meant being perceived as more masculine. The way others saw me eventually became ingrained in my own identity. In my mind, pole dancing was for beautiful feminine women, definitely not me, and I would embarrass myself if I tried. I think a lot of people feel this way; that we’re not enough as we are, and certain things aren’t meant for us. I hope you know that’s not the case. We are multi-faceted, and capable of more than the stereotypes that box us in. I’ve been dancing for over two years and it has given me a level of fitness and expression that I didn’t know I could have. Beyond the physical, pole has given me the opportunity to recognize and appreciate myself, and my capacity to exist outside of anyone else’s expectations. In every class I’ve taken at Impulse, there’s an unspoken friendship between you and your classmates – whether you know their names yet or not. You’re in good hands at this studio, and with this pole family.  -Alanna