A New Client…

When you are thinking about starting Pole Dance Fitness, it is normal to have some hesitation. There is still the thought that if you take pole dance class, even if it is for fitness and fun, that you will then work at a strip club. Although we don’t judge anyone’s personal choices, the reality is quite the opposite, our clients are just normal everyday women, looking for a workout they won’t burn out on. They keep coming because they get addicted to the challenge and love the unique supportive, female centered environment that Impulse Pole Dance has created.

From a New Client August 2014

I am so happy to have found Impulse. I have always gone in spurts with my workout routines over my past 28 years. The reason being, nothing I ever did was actually enjoyable. I liked how I looked and felt after working out, but during the workout, it was just hell. Thank you for making exercise FUN… I’ve never enjoyed it this much! I am not focused on watching the clock waiting for it to all end like I used to feel in spin class or on a treadmill. I know that I have a very, very long way to go with strength, flexibility, and learning how to dance (haha) but I have to start somewhere. Now, I just need to convince my boyfriend that we need to install a pole in the house so I can practice at home… I’m still working on that one šŸ˜‰

At Impulse Pole Dance, beginners start in class with other beginners, and our class minimum is only 2 people. Everyone gets their own pole and the classes are closed to guests so that only those participating are inside. You can progress at your own pace, and enjoy a variety of class types from dance centric to trixter styles on the pole. You do not need to have had dance classes or even be “in shape” to start. We truly love what we do and encourage you to put your hesitations aside and experience the workout you will fall in love with, come Pole Dance with us!



We promise you won’t regret it! -<3 Your Impulse Pole Dance Team